Action on Addiction and King’s College London’s Centre for Addiction Science have developed a mobile app to help people in recovery, supported by the Trust.

The app helps people recovering from addictions to keep track of their sleeping patterns and also to keep a log of their recovery programme. It builds on research done at Kings, including a project funded by the Trust to measure the sleeping behaviours of people in recovery. Sleep quality and quantity is thought to be an important indicator in addiction recovery progress.

The app will also help users and scientists to better understand what kind of treatment programmes will be most effective in supporting their recovery.

The app is free to use and has been designed to help people track their own recovery journeys and achieve their personal goals. The app has been developed with people at different stages of recovery and is based on their ideas and feedback, resulting in six key features including instructions for what to do in an overdose emergency.

The Sure Recovery App is available from the Apple App store and the Android store.

Read more about it on the Kings College website.


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