Road accident rescue equipment arrives in Tajikistan.

A donation from the Trust funded a joint project run by EASST and FIRE AID to send vital road accident rescue equipment to Tajikistan.

A convoy from the UK arrived safe and sound in Tajikistan on June 2nd. The trainers have been conducting training in the remote region of Khorog – plagued by floods and natural disasters as well as dangerous roads – and in the capital Dushanbe. Now Tajikistan has its first ever team of trained instructors in road crash extrication.

In addition to the 3 fire engines full of extrication and rescue equipment, a large amount of medical and first aid gear and uniforms to replace their old kit (that was not fire proof) was also delivered.

The desperately needed equipment is sure to save many lives.

Neil Peterson, the project’s lead trainer, has been asked by the Government of Tajikistan to do a full survey of the country’s road rescue needs, including training and equipment, working with EASST and FIRE AID.

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